Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We Are.....Penn State?

    My wife and I are not your typical
football fans. The last game we saw only
got our undivided attention only during
plays that included our grandson when
he played for his High School team.
     And yet, the prime attraction of our
recent trip to Ireland was to be the
first game of the season for Penn State
University as it took on the University
of Central Florida. So, we dawned our
Penn State T Shirts and hats and went.
     We were among 50,000 plus people
who showed up at Croke Park in Dublin.
Most were there to cheer for Penn State.
But UCF was designated as the "Home
Team" so it's videos and home field
announcer were able to annoy us through
the whole game.
     Two things got to me right from the
      First the skydivers who jumped
towards the field. I say "towards"
because only one of them, the guy with
the Penn State Flag, made it!
      The skydiver carrying the UFC
banner landed in a neighborhood near
the field somewhere. Maybe it was an
       Then there were the jet fighters that
did a fly over as our National Anthem was
playing. I wondered whose they were? And,
If they were ours, how did U.S. jets get
permission to fly over Irish air space?
       Anyhow, we sat through the game and
decided to run to the concession stand for
a hot dog just before half time.
       Guess what? They were sold out! It
seems Irish football fans not only play a
different type of football. They don't eat
very much. There was, of course, plenty
of beer.
       I ordered Chicken and Chips and was
surprised to end up with a box that included
a piece of chicken, chips (French Fries), a
juice drink, a bag of Gummy Bears, and a
box of crayons. If were anywhere else I'd
think I had just been served a "Kid's Meal."
       Eventually the game got extremely
       With a minute left Penn State was
behind. The game became extremely
exciting. Well it did for most.
        With 9 seconds remaining I woke
up my wife. Like I said, we're not your
typical football fans.
        Anyway with 3 seconds left Penn State
kicked what turned out to be the winning Field
Goal and I joined another few thousand people
who were able to resume their breathing!
        We all headed out, looking for the streets
we needed to find our bus and keeping an eye
out for that UCF Skydiver so we could tell him
how the game ended! I traced our route on a
small map with my new crayons!
        Hope they restock their hot dog supplies
and that all your NEWS is good.

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