Saturday, September 13, 2014

Scottish Spirits

  Old Castles, cemeteries dating back to
the Vikings. stories of murder.
   You might expect a ghost story or two
coming out of the Scottish Highlands.
    But the spirits I came across had
nothing to do with the Supernatural.
They were born of fermenting malted
    I encountered them as our tour group
visited the Blair Athol Distillery in
Pitlochry, Scotland.
    We were told no photos would be
allowed inside the plant. Usually
such requests are made because of
proprietary equipment companies
want to keep secret.
    Not so in this case! The ban was
imposed to make sure there were no
electrical sparks that could ignite the
ever present alcohol fumes and cause
an explosion! I wanted to enjoy my
visit but could do without having a
    I quickly found out what they were
worried about.
    From the moment the factory door
opened we inhaled, and some "enjoyed,"
fumes that probably would have made
me fail a field sobriety test without ever
downing a drop!
    I wondered if full timers went home
with designated drivers?
    After the brew the stuff  sits, for
years, in casks, waiting for it to age
properly. We spotted one cask dated
the year we were married.
     After the walk through you're
brought into a tasting room where
they "teach" you how to drink the
whiskey. It's to be "sipped" at body
temperature and, we're told, you're
never to add ice!
    So, each or our group slowly
sipped a sample while I, wanting to
speed up the process a bit, took a
    I don't remember saying good
bye. But I know we left because I
remember being back on the bus!
    Hope you remember the
sipping instructions and that all
your NEWS is good.

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