Friday, September 12, 2014

Our Highland Fling

   Our travel group blended well in Scotland.
   We longed to see the Castles and the Locks.
   All of us seemed anxious to take in the
country side and jump into the Scottish
traditions. With one exception!
    Well before our trip we were told....or...
warned... about Haggis.
     It is a pudding containing sheep's heart,
liver, and lungs minced with onion, oatmeal,
suet, spices and salt, mixed with stock.
     Most modern Haggis is prepared in a
sausage casing. They used to use the
animal's stomach.
     Thus is was that apprehension began to
spread among our group when, during an
after dinner music and dance performance
our singer and two Scottish dancers came
onto the floor carrying trays holding Haggis.
     I, and probably most of our gang, were
certain our musical hosts were about to
cut up their offerings and present a slice to
each of us to taste.
     Then, just as I was planning a trip to
the Rest Room the performers reveled
that their "Haggis" were actually wind
instruments that produced music when
squeezed by their handlers. Wow! That
was a close one!
     After escaping that threat we were
all able to fully enjoy the evening which
included some traditional Scottish
dancing for which our Scottish lasses
sought "volunteers" from the audience.
      That I did not escape.
      But it was fun. A lot more fun that
sampling Haggis!
      Hope you're sticking with bacon
and eggs and that all your NEWS is


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  1. I notice you are not wearing a kilt! But would I have wanted to see you in one is the question :)