Monday, September 15, 2014

The Family That Plays Together...

\  One of my grand daughters and I have
September Birthdays, just 4 days apart.
    Together we have 85 years! I have
most of them.
    Yesterday we celebrated together
in the company of many of our family
    It was my niece's idea. She suggested
we get as many family members together
as possible at Knoebel's Amusement
Park. She booked a pavilion there and
everybody brought food.
    Some folks had other commitments
and couldn't make it. It would seem we
brought food for them anyway!
    My niece also brought her son and his
girl who just happen to excel over a grill!
    What a fantastic day!
     Family, food, and fun.
     Each of the kids got wrist bands so they
could ride all the rides they wanted. That
was not one of my presents...a fact for
which I am very grateful since I'm more
more of a ride watcher than a ride rider!
      I enjoyed taking pictures of all the
happenings although I will admit this
Birthday celebration came with one of
it's own "Senior moments." It was, by
the way, a moment for me, not my
grand daughter.
      I was about to get out my trusty
camera to snap a few shots when I
suddenly wondered where I had left my
glasses. I reached into my pocket where
I felt the glass case. A split second later
I realized I was wearing my glasses. Guess
that happens when you're part of 85
collective years!
      Any way it was a great day and my
real Birthday is still two days away! Can't
wait to see what happens then...IF I can
find my glasses!
      Hope you take time for Family time,
and that all your NEWS is good!


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  1. I still try to adjust my glasses and haven't worn them for several years.