Sunday, September 14, 2014

Storming The Castle!

  They say the walls of Edinburgh Castle have never
been scaled. But there were a couple thousand
invaders the day we paid a visit to the Scottish
landmark. They were called Tourists!
   Of course the gates were open to everyone.....
willing to pay an admission fee. Too bad Kings
of old didn't think of that! They could have
made a lot of money!
    The Castle has been around since the Bronze
Age with it's existing buildings dating back to
the 12th Century! And we get all excited about
buildings just 200 years old!
    It was built on top of an extinct volcano which
has become known as "Castle Rock."
    And speaking of "rocks", there are plenty
inside! The Crown Jewels of Scotland are
kept in the castle. You can't take photos, probably
because of security concerns, but photos are
available on line anyway.
   They're guarding them pretty carefully now.
    Back in the 1600's they were taken to the
castle and locked in a chest. They were
forgotten for over a hundred years until a group
which included Sir Walter Scott found them.
     How do you "forget" artifacts that have
always been worth a fortune?
     Every August the Castle holds "The Royal
Tattoo" which, I'm told, attracts thousands of
     I wondered why so many people would
come to see other people get weird drawings
and designs inked into their skin. But, as it
turns out, the Royal Tattoo is actually is a
parade of the massed pipes and drums of the
Scottish regiments. I'd probably just call it
a Pipe and Drum Parade.
    You should try to pay a visit if you ever
get to Scotland. Even if you don't appreciate
history it's a good place to set your watch!
     Every day at 1pm they fire a cannon!
     It's a great place to set your Timex....if
you can remember to stay away from the
      Hope your home is still your castle and
that all your NEWS is good!


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