Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Famous Last Words.


   Well as many of you now by now I am
noting another Birthday today. My age is
now equal to room temperature.
    On the eve of this occasion I spent part
of another day in Salem where I came
across some stones bearing the inscriptions
of famous last words.
    I wondered if I should ponder some
serious thoughts as I left behind another
year and leave some words of wisdom
    Of course the quotations I was reading
truly were the "last words" of some 20
individuals about to be executed for
     I, on the other hand, was merely turning
the page from one year to another.
     But maybe I could learn from these brave
individuals who stuck to their beliefs in the
face of death. All they had to do was admit
to being witches and they'd likely go free.
     They chose death before dishonor.
      Were I in a similar situation I think I
might have done a card trick! Of maybe
pulled a quarter from behind the Judge's
ear. They probably would have let me go!
      Anyhow, as I eat cake (or whatever
I'm getting) and celebrate my new age,
I think I'll simply say "Boy it's nice to be
congratulated rather then remembered."
      Hope we all have a good day and that
all our NEWS is good."


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