Sunday, April 24, 2016


           FAN MAIL!

    I was still curled up on the
couch waiting for my next dose
of antibiotics and nursing my
sore throat when the Special
Delivery.......was delivered!
    A week before I had given
a talk about the Titanic to
students in Mrs. Kasper's
class at the Bear Creek
Community Charter School.
    The third graders responded
with question and applause in
class. But then they went a step
further and designed their own
personal "Thank You cards'
complete with drawings and
some very gracious comments!
    Serena wrote " I love
spending time with you" while
Blake offered "You are the best
person in the world." Mckenzie
wished me "a good life" and
Connor wrote "You are my new
best friend."
      Text Books and very
important in the educational
process. But I think children
learn best when they can hear
the stories of real people involved
in the events they're studying.
      Many of the cards repeated
facts I had offered during my
presentation. They got it! And
they're third graders! Wow!
       Hope their thirst for learning
continues.......and that all your
NEWS is good!

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