Saturday, April 23, 2016


       SUNDAY, APRIL 24TH.

     Imagine the motorcycle gang
waiting as you pull up to your
church! They were there last night
waiting for the congregation to show
up.  Yep. The "Wild Bunch" waited!
     Every year members of the
Christian Motorcycle Association
host a spaghetti and meatball
dinner at our church to raise funds
for their world wide missionary
work. Every cent raised by these
riders goes to provide transportation
for missionaries who may have to
reach their congregations by bike,
motorcycle, boat, car, or horse.
They also sponsor a film to teach
people about Christ and the
salvation he offers.
      My newest grandson joined
other family members for the
feast and got his first taste of
spaghetti and meatballs! It seems
his Italian heritage is already
well entrenched!
      Bikers used to get a bad rap
all the time. But most of them I
know are constantly involved in
fund raising rides for charities or
in patriotic cruises to support our
troops and veterans. Pretty good
people supporting pretty great
      And what better way to support
the supporters than to dig into to
a delicious dinner!
      Unfortunately my Laryngitis
kept me away. Fortunately, they
had take outs!
      Hope I can get this spaghetti
stain off my shirt...and that all
your NEWS is good.


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