Thursday, April 7, 2016


           MR. MOM?         

   I found myself in sole
possession on my grandson
yesterday. My wife and I
watch him every Thursday.
But yesterday my wife had
to rush out rather suddenly
when a Doctor she was trying
to see had a cancellation and,
thus, an opening in his
schedule. With another
appointment already on her
calendar a few hours later
she decided to drive herself.
     No problem. I play with
my grandson all the time, I've
sung lullaby's to him and told
him nursery rhymes. I've changed
his diaper. I've prepared and
given him his bottle.
     Wait!!!!His bottle! Where
was his bottle? It was pretty
clear he wanted one. 8-month-
olds had a way of telling
you they want a bottle without
speaking! It's very declarative!
       As I held and reassured
him the first in a long series
of telephone calls came in!
One was from a Doctor's
office who needed a list of
my wife's medications.
     Now I was trying to calm
a hungry baby, find a bottle,
and bottles of pills I never
touch, let alone attempt to
      Perhaps a call to my
wife. No. Her cell phone is
only turned on twice a year
or so when she begrudgingly
makes outgoing calls.
      My grandson had little
interest in that or the other
calls that came in although
he did make his presence
know to those listening on
the other end.
      I had visions of filling
an empty water bottle with
formula then punching a
small hole in one finger of
a rubber glove. I think I
saw them do that in a movie
one time. But, alas, no
rubber gloves! Besides, the
phone kept ringing!
      I contacted his Mom. But
fearing she might be in the
middle of a meeting I did so
by text. Have you every held
an unhappy baby in one arm
and tried to text with the other
hand? Juggling swords seems
an easy exercise in comparison!
      Fortunately Mom was in
a position to take a break from
work and rescue her baby....and
     With both arms free I completed
all telephone assignments then
collapsed on the couch.
     As my wife returned she
reminded me that she had
handled three kids at home
when I was at work. Can't argue
with that!
     Think I may pick up a spare
baby bottle today! Or at least
some rubber gloves! And shut off
the phone!
     Hope my grandson got his
bottle...and that all your NEWS
is good!

In a happier moment!


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  1. And they say we men can't multi-task!!!! Heheheh! 😄