Monday, April 11, 2016


        HELP WANTED?

   The old radio comedy team
of Bob and Ray used to close
their show with the admonition
"Write if you get work."
   Labor statistics reflect a high
unemployment rate around our
area. So how come I keep
getting emails about job
    Within the past 24 hours I've
received emails from "Jobatron,"
and "Job Revolt," among others.
The latest tried to lure me with
the headline...."A job that you'll
    A closer look notes the need
for workers at Sam's Club, Night
Security officers, a Gaming
Surveillance Officer, and an
"Order Puller" (what ever that is.)
    There's an ad for a Delivery
Driver at $49,000 a year. I think
we can safely assume that's not
Pizza deliveries!
    And then there's $52,000
wanted posting for a "Crime
Scene Assistant." For that kind
of money they may be looking
for a get away driver!
    How great it is to realize
there are so many interesting
jobs just waiting for applicants.
     It almost makes me want to
forget that I am "retired." Almost
is the key word in this case!
Hope your dream job is waiting,
that I can just keep dreaming,
and that all your NEWS is


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