Friday, April 15, 2016



      One thing about being on
radio or TV. If the audience
isn't interested in what you're
saying they can turn you off!
     Yesterday I enjoyed a truly
captive audience. I was invited
by a Teacher, Mary Kasper, to
tell my story about regional
connections to the Titanic to
students at the Bear Creek
Community Charter School.
That audience was made up of
third and fourth graders!
     I was amazed by their
interest in the story of a
disaster that took place some
95 years before most of them
were born. And it was one of
the first time a group of
students didn't ask me if I had
actually covered the sinking!
    The school and the Titanic
have something in common.
Both were state of the art when
they were built. The classroom
where I spoke has electronic
"blackboards" (they're white
these days) where the photographs
I shared could actually be
enlarged and projected for the
class as I held them in my hand!
    What's even more impressive
was the third and forth graders
who knew how to run all the
modern technology and
volunteered to help out!
     If these kids had build the
Titanic it would still be afloat!
I had the captive audience. But
they captured my respect!
     Hope that enthusiasm
continues and that all your
NEWS is good!


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