Monday, April 25, 2016



   Even before all the political ads
began Comcast cable and the YES
Network were trading accusations
and threats over the removal of
my Yankee baseball telecasts from
channel 66 this season.
    Comcast claimed the Yank's TV
arm wanted to continue a 33% rate
hike that had actually gone into
effect last year. YES just kept
telling me to call the cable company
and demand coverage. That was
followed by a concerted effort to
get me to switch to some other
source that would offer the games.
     I'm a Yankee fan. It's the old
story. The first game my Dad took
me to see when I was a kid was in
Yankee Stadium. When Mickey
Mantle still patrolled Center field.
     I grew up listening to and
watching Mel Allen cover the
Yankee games.
     I was happy to be able to catch
a Yankee game on the tube last
night thanks to coverage provided
by ESPN. I'm sure their schedule
will include a New York game now
and then.
    What has me a bit puzzled is the
lack of any "local" answer to the
problem faced by those of us to
are Yankee fans yet Comcast
     I know I've seen Yankee games
on one of the area Fox cannels in
the past. But, this season, all I've
seen promoted is Met games.
     When Hazleton native Joe
Madden managed Tampa Bay
WAZL radio in Hazleton
carried all the games as if to
believe everyone in Hazleton has
become a Florida baseball fan.
      There certainly plenty of
AM and FM radio signals on
the area with little to listen to
each night! Couldn't someone
pick up the New York games?
      Our area has traditionally
been the home of Yankee,
Philly, and, to some extent, Met
       And in case no one else has
noticed it's the Yankee Triple A
team that calls Scranton/ Wilkes-
Bare home.
       Hope somebody gets with
the game and that all your NEWS
is good!

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