Friday, April 8, 2016


       I TAKE A PASS!

    The Boys of Summer came
back to PNC Field in Moosic
Thursday night. I think they
showed up a little too early!
    Summer seemed a long way
off when I showed up to pick
up my Press credentials about
three hours before game time.
     The air was downright cold
and still damp from the heavy
rain that came down most of
the morning and early afternoon.
      The sun did come out for
awhile offering hope to all who
had waited half a year to hear
the call "Play ball!"
      As I said, I was there early.
Only one man stood ahead of
me at the lone open ticket
window. He was wearing a
Met's jacket. But he was buying
a number of tickets for upcoming
games. Perhaps those against
the Met's Triple A team. I'm not
sure if he bought one for opening
     Some folks did. I saw a few
people in the stands on TV as
wnep carried the game, or what
there was of it, on it's secondary
station. The rain started to come
down in buckets again and the
game was postponed to be
resumed as part of a double
headed yesterday.
     I'm a baseball fan. But I'm not
a fan of sitting out in cold, damp
weather so, for now, I used my
Press credentials and....took  a
    Hope now that "the boys" are
here, summer shows up soon...
and that all your NEWS is good!



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