Sunday, April 3, 2016



   I suppose most of you think
I've returned to the news beat to
keep up with developments in
my old home town. But that's
not the case!
   The title of today's essay is
actually based on a headline
in the Hazleton Plain Speaker
from 59 years ago yesterday!
April 3rd., 1957.
     Seems the Settlers and
the Pioneers had a shootout
in the Mountain City. And I
remember it well!
      But I wasn't there as a
newsman at the time. When
the shootout took place I was
one of the shooters!
      Unlike today's gun
battles ours was strictly a
competition at the YMCA.
And those of us competing
were armed with Air Rifles.
BB Guns that is. And none of
us ever shot our eyes out!
      We did make short work
of a mess of targets though.
I was surprised to find an
account of our encounter
stored in the newspaper
archives all these years
later. I had pretty good aim
back then!
       Hope I'm not a "dead
shot" anytime soon.....and that
all your NEWS is good!


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