Tuesday, April 5, 2016


            JUDGEMENT DAY!

      Wait! Don't panic! In this
case I'm the judge! And you aren't
on trial!
       My good friend Sue Henry
from WILK radio recruited me
to be one of the judges for a
contest involving Oklahoma
radio stations showing off their
best efforts.
       I'm not new to this sort of
competition. For many years
I chaired a group of area
broadcasters judging Associated
Press news competition from
states all over the country.
      Back then we'd gather in a
studio somewhere, open
envelopes filled with tape
recordings, fit them on a tape
recorder, listen and pick our
       Boy have things changed!
Sue sent me a Web site address
where I was to listen to all the
entries on my computer. When
I tried to log on a message popped
up telling me that my computer
wasn't set up to play the material.
      Fortunately I had access to
another laptop. When I got that
one and fired it up I was welcomed
to the contest site. I turned my TV
off, plugged in my headset and, just
like my "old days," listened to a
whole lot of reports on all kinds
of issues. Only all of them were
from Oklahoma!
     Remember the Musical
Oklahoma? The biggest issue
in that play was whether  "The
Cowboys and the Farmers
should be friends!"
      These days they're worried
about drought, earthquakes, oil
drilling, and the turbines that
are spinning as "the wind comes
sweepin' down the plain." Heck
they could  all have been reports
from Pennsylvania!
      Well after a mess of hours
and a lot of reflection I picked
out the reports I judged to be
the best.
        Hope there's no appeal....
and that all your NEWS is

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