Saturday, April 16, 2016



   My wife has always suggested
that I have two voices. One she
calls my "normal voice," the other
my "radio voice."
    I do tend to use more inflection
when I'm on the air or speaking
before a group.
    But as I write today's Blog I
must tell you that neither of
those voices is working! I have
a textbook case of Laryngitis!
     I saw it coming. We had
such a nice winter and all the germs
lived. For the past 6 weeks they've
been attacking me in the form of
an on-again, off-again cough.
     Sometime after my speaking
engagement at Bear Creek
Community Charter School on
Friday my throat shut down
like a watertight door and any
attempt at speaking resulted in
a sound similar to the ramblings
of Donald Duck.
      We've got a lot of very
special activities planned over
the next 30 days or so and I'd
like to have at least one of my
voices ready for them. That
means, in part, no speaking for
a couple days!
       There's lots of note paper
around the house on which to
express myself and the Blog,
of course, is all laptop so we're
good to go there. Anyway, as
I've always said...a closed mouth
gathers no feet!
        Hope my wife and family
enjoy the break and that all
your NEWS is good!

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