Saturday, April 2, 2016



   I know there's a Russian
Christmas. I observe it every
year even though I'm no
   But yesterday the Easter
Bunny showed up at my house
with a basket, Easter eggs and
chocolate! It was very
unexpected and very welcome!
    Actually this wasn't a case
of calendar mix up! Earlier
in the week I happen to tell
my grand daughter that her
Grannie and I didn't get any
Easter baskets this year. As
noted in an earlier Blog my
wife and I decided not to get
chocolates for each other this
year. Easter dinner is always
big and the wide assortment
of deserts negates the need
for chocolates.
     But this particular
grand daughter didn't want
us to go without. She, it seems,
had more than enough Easter
candy and decided we should
share in her bounty!
     So, here it is one week
from Easter and I will admit
that another Chocolate Bunny
has lost its head! It's the one
from my basket!
     It's wonderful to have a
grandchild that cares enough
to give the very best......her
thoughtfulness and love!
     Hope the other goodies
taste as good as the bunny and
that all your NEWS is good!


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