Monday, April 18, 2016



    My lingering laryngitis has
been aggravated by a cough
that just won't give up.
    While rest in the best remedy
my wife decided it might also be
time to throw out the empty
cough medicine bottle and buy
a new one.
    This is not my favorite drink!
But with temperatures in the 70's
the outing did offer an opportunity
to uncover the Miata and put the
top down.
    Our mission was quickly
accomplished as the Pharmacy
we use is only about 5 miles from
our house. That hardly seemed
worth the uncovering so we
decided another short ride was
in order.
     I guess you could say we went
to the "Farm I see." Specifically
Blue Ribbon Dairy where we
stocked up on some medicinal
ice cream! It may not actually
be medicine. But it sure feels
good passing over my throat!
I won't mind refilling this
     Hope I'm able to speak
again soon and that all your
NEWS is good!

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