Friday, April 1, 2016


         NO PHONY!

    Well the April Fool yesterday
turned out to be me! I got up
early to drive my wife and
myself to the clinic where some
tests were in order. Mine was
simply a blood test so, while
my wife was waiting, I got
back into the car and called
another of my doctors to pick
up some medicine his office
was holding for me.
     That's important because
it was the last time I remember
holding my cell phone. When
next I tried to check it, about
5 hours later, it was no where
to be found.
      The next step, of course,
was to dial it from my home
phone and listen for the ring!
April Fool!  The call went
straight to voice mail! No
ring involved!
       My wife and I searched
the house, and the car. Again,
no cell phone in either. So, I
decided to retrace my steps.
      No sign of it from the
Clinic parking lot to the
doctor's office. Of course his
office was closed. So there's
a minor chance it's in there.
      Then there was that half
mile walk I took. I retraced
the route scanning the ground
for any sign of my phone. At
least I got a mile in all together!
      The next stop was
Walmart! After checking all
those spots where I had to bend
over to pick up products I turned
to Customer Service for help.
The folks there provided a
manager who unlocked an
office, went inside, and came back
in just 5 minutes with a phone
that looked exactly like mine....... was cleaner! A quick
check of the contact list confirmed
that someone else had lost one
just like mine! And when you
consider the fact I still used a
vintage Flip phone that's pretty
       I've been invited to check
back in case someone just
hasn't turned it in yet. No self
respecting Smartphone user
would steal it. That's for sure.
But, however you look at it I'm
left with no phony!
       Hope it turns up and that
all your NEWS is good!

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