Tuesday, April 19, 2016


          X RAY VISION!

    I think it's safe to say the last
time I spent four days without
speaking a word was when I was
a baby and couldn't speak!
    With an important meeting
set for this weekend and an
ever more important wedding
coming up in less than two
weeks my wife called our
family doctor looking for a
way to stop the hacking cough
that seems to have caused my
     The Doc immediately set
up an appointment for a chest
X Ray which I had within 3
hours of his call. Then....I
waited. The day passed with
no word on the X Ray results.
One day closer to that weekend
meeting and the upcoming
     First thing Tuesday morning
my wife called the doctor's
office hoping for the results. Then,
we waited.
     Finally, late in the day, the
doctor's office called........with
information on some tests my
wife had done. But what about
my X Ray? Well, as long as we
were on the phone they checked
and the results showed nothing
abnormal. The suggested we
set up an appointment with my
Pulmonary physician. Of course
that suggestion came about two
minutes after his office closed
for the day!
    So, today, we'll hope to get
that appointment.......how many
days closer to all my events!
    This X Ray vision is a
nightmare! I could just as well
have sent in two glossy head
     Hope I'll get better before
everything is over......and that
all your NEWS is good.
(example...not actually mine)


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