Monday, April 4, 2016



   It has been three days since
I reached for my trusty cell
phone only to find an empty
   I knew exactly where I was
the last time I used it and where
I traveled between that call and
my shocking discovery.
   I knew it wasn't in the Clinic
where I had my blood work
done because I used it after
leaving there. So the possibilities
were limited to my car, a
doctor's office where I made a
quick stop, a half mile of
sidewalk along which I walked,
and my friendly neighborhood
     Since shopping involves a
lot of bending Walmart was my
most logical place of loss. Over
the past three days I've made 3
calls and two visits in search of
my Flip phone. I'm not sure
what amazed me more. The fact
that mine wasn't found, or the
fact there were at least a dozen
unclaimed cellphones in the
lost and found there!
     A call to the doctor's office
proved fruitless and retracing
my half mile walk yielded no
results either.
      I was about one hour away
from a visit to Verizon to see
if Flip phones could still be
purchased when I heard the
bell! It was our home phone
      Remember the clinic? The place
where it couldn't be. Well, that's
where it was! I apparently
dropped it in the parking lot either
leaving for or returning from that
half mile hike! Fortunately some
person spotted it and was kind
enough to take it inside the
     That "bell" (our ringing phone)
saved me a lot of anguish plus a
few bucks as well!
      Hope I'm more careful with
my classic Flip phone.....and that
all your NEWS is good!

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