Thursday, August 10, 2017


   FRIDAY, AUGUST 11TH., 2017

   While my title will probably make some
people think of the old "B movie" horror
stories I'm afraid my tale is all too true.
    As I convalesced from my hospital
visit on Wednesday I realized that I am
still faced with the damage from cats
that are fed by some well meaning
neighbors who do nothing else to contain
or care for them.
    For the second time in as many years
the claw marks and tears are beginning to
destroy an expensive cover that protects
my Miata.
    We've spotted at least one resting on
top. He made a quick getaway when I
stormed out of the house.
     What we did not see, thankfully, was
the cat that leaped into an old cage we use
as a bird feeder and killed a beautiful
Cardinal that had been feeding there!
     Of course cats aren't the only problem.
There was a pile of dog waste in our yard.
We don't own a dog!
     Look, I'm all for pets. We have a
couple of fish in aquarium and we did
care for a rescued Cockatiel until he
passed away.
      As far as I'm concerned if you're
feeding an animal he's yours and that
means your responsibility.
       Although I can't watch over my
property 24/7 I have "rearmed" to meet
the threat!
        I've got a brand new water gun
waiting to greet unwelcome visitors
with a steady stream of cold water!
        Hope I don't have to use it......and
that all your NEWS is good!

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