Wednesday, August 9, 2017


         THURSDAY, AUGUST 10TH., 2017
                       HEART ACHES!

       My wife got a lot of great care as she went
through her open heart surgery some eleven
weeks ago. Nurses and doctors were around
her all the time making sure she had everything
she needed.
       Maybe, subconsciously, I was jealous!
       On Wednesday morning at 5 I awoke to
severe chest pains! I took a baby aspirin which
did nothing to improve the situation and then
a Pepto Bismol tablet.
       When neither of my home remedies
helped I woke my wife and suggested we
head to Geisinger Hospital.
        I had a choice to make. The hospital is
literally less than a mile walk from my
house, or I could have my wife drive me
       In spite of the danger involved......I let
her   drive! (I'm usually not at all comfortable
unless I'm behind the wheel.
       The fantastic nursing staff at Geisinger
went right to work getting me set up in the
Emergency Room and a young female
doctor gathered all my data until another
physician provided some nitroglycerin he
hoped would ease my pain.
        It didn't work! I never blew up and
the pain remained.
        Again a team of caring nurses stepped
in to make me as comfortable under the
circumstances while a number of doctors
appeared to tell me a cardiac catheterization
would ne needed to see if one or more of
the arteries to my heart were blocked.
         I don't remember the names of any
of the doctors who stopped in but I'm
sure each will be listed on the bill.
          Again the nurses took care of me
are prepared me for the procedure which
involved running a line into an artery in
my wrist.
         The good news I have no blockages!
         The bad news is I probably can't
watch my grandson for a few days because
I'm not allowed to lift anything over 10 pounds!
I'm more upset about that then the pain which,
they believe, is a gastro intestinal issue.
           As I write some pain remains but a lot
less than that which prompted my decision to
seek help1
          Anyhow my thanks to the nurses and
doctors who took care of me for 12 full hours!
          Hope their, and your, NEWS is good!




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