Wednesday, August 16, 2017



   OK gang, Make up your shopping
list and head out looking for the best
bargains you can find.
    This is National Thrift Shop Day!
    My daughter can tell you where
to find one! To her some of the area
Thrift Shops have become year round
Yard Sales.
     And she's done pretty darn well
in finding the merchandise she wants
without spending a lot of money or
running up credit card debt!
     Thrift Shops come in various forms.
Sometimes it's just a small local store
selling its wares at discount prices,
      Some of the best are Salvation
Army or Goodwill stores where
donated merchandise, including a
lot of new unused items, can be
found at a fraction of their original
       They're also great places to find
old tapes, dvd's, and even vinyl records
and classic books.
        You may find some extra specials
on this National Thrift Store Day. So
get out there and let me know what
you come up with!
        Hope you gets some great bargains
and that all your NEWS is good!

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