Friday, August 11, 2017



    He learned how to salute. He marched!
He worked with weapons. And last night
my grandson came home.
     No he isn't in the Army, or Navy, the
Marines, or Coast Guard.
     My grandson was at the State Police
Camp Cadet!
      The Pennsylvania State Police  offer
Camp Cadet across the state. My grandson
attended the camp run by Troop P, Wyoming
at Camp Kresge near White Haven.
       For one full week these young men and
women learn about all kinds of police work
while, at the same time, working on their
physical fitness. Most of all they learn
respect! Respect for others and for themselves!
        They go with there with T shirts and
shorts, No cell phones, IPads, or electronic
         They come back with customized
shirts  hats, certificates of accomplishment
and, perhaps, a medal.
          They also come back with self
confidence as well.
          Unfortunately their closing ceremonies
were cancelled because of heavy rain. So our
family got together at Grotto Pizza to celebrate
Ryan's accomplishment. We salute him today!
           Hope more kids take advantage of this
wonderful program and that all your NEWS
is good.


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