Friday, August 4, 2017


     SATURDAY, AUGUST 5TH., 2017

    Our family is wrapping up our annual
vacation to the Jersey shore.
     It's been a great week of good weather,
swimming, and all kinds of activities we
all enjoy.
     As usual we closed our weekly schedule
with a visit to one of the Boardwalk's
Water Parks. The kids love the giant water
slides and floating down the Lazy River on
a tube.
     As grandparents we always enjoyed the
free senior admission since we didn't use
the facilities but enjoyed watching the kids.
     You'll note that last sentence was written
in past tense! We were more than just a little
surprised when we  brought
the gang there today and discovered there is
now a $20 admission fee just to come in  and
     The young lady at the ticket booth told
us we could go to the observation deck and
sit there while we checked on the kids.
     But when we got to the deck we found
three sofa-like seats all occupied by ladies
who were using them like beds!
      One nice woman made room for my
wife. I didn't walk to wake the others so
I just began observing from the observation
deck! It only took a moment to realize you
couldn't see much of the park from there!
      Fortunately I had arranged for our gang
to signal me when there were near two or
three spots that were actually in view. That
arrangement, coupled with my camera's long
lens, did allow me to get a photo or two.
      For the record, I think the park's new
police is all wet!
      So I got my couple photos and walked
out to get French fries! They were a lot less
than twenty bucks!
       Hope all your NEWS is good!


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