Saturday, August 5, 2017


     SUNDAY, AUGUST 6TH., 2017

   Well our annual family vacation has
come to an end.
    It was a great week for the most part.
The weather was good and the ocean
water was warm!
     We stayed in Wildwood Crest this
year at a condo a mile and a half away
from the Boardwalk. My son-in-law
drove me there the other day and I
opted to walk back. It seemed like 5
      As reported in an earlier Blog we
paid a visit to Diamond Beach where
the remains of the concrete ship
Atlantis are slowly but surely being
erased by the winds and tides.
       My grandson Anthony turned
2-years-old during the week and I've
got to wonder if any signs of the ship
will be visible when he brings his
family there some day.
        My 14-year-old grandson Ryan
and I tried some crabbing and fishing.
But both the fish and the crabs must
have know we were coming and hid
somewhere out at sea.
         Grand daughters Kara (soon to
be 16) and Mckenzie (soon to be 7)
enjoyed the water whether it was
the Atlantic or the pool at our
          As for the parents and we
grand parents, we just enjoyed a week
spent together.
          As a matter of fact I'm not sure
how I'll get through this week without
the sound of the little guy running to
my room shouting "Grandpa, Grandpa,
Thomas? (He enjoyed watching Thomas
the Tank Engine videos with me each
         Hope we're all around to do it
again next year.......and that all your
NEWS is good!


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