Tuesday, August 1, 2017


          A GREAT "NIGHT OUT!"

      A big 'Thank you' to all of the men and
women who protect and serve us in so many
      Our vacation gang enjoyed a fantastic
evening in Wildwood Crest as that community
joined thousands of others across the nation
for "National Night Out."
       For those who don't already know,
National Night Out is a community-police
awareness-raising event in the United States,
held the first Tuesday of August.
       It's a night when these public servants
remind us that they're a part of our community!
       Here in Wildwood Crest every agency
within the Police Department joined their
colleagues from the Fire Department, Rescue
units, the Life Guard Service and others in
staging a wonderful community event.
      And keep in mind, around here, most of
the people enjoying the free hotdogs, prizes,
demonstrations, bounce houses, face painting,
and music are tourists!
       The older of my two grandsons in
attendance got to try out some SWAT gear
while my grand daughter was delighted with
her face painting design,
       The little grandson got to climb all
over Fire engines as well as the Life Guard
Rescue boat.
       I was especially impressed to see all
the kids who came out to have fun but, at the
same time, learned some respect for  these
people who put their lives on the line for
everyone on a daily basis!
       I personally thanked as many officers
from the various departments as I could for
the wonderful evening they gave us all!
       Our gang had a great time. I even got
to try on my grandson's new fire helmet!
Hope you enjoyed a "National Night Out"
close to you and that all your NEWS is

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