Monday, July 31, 2017


    TUESDAY, AUGUST 1ST., 2017
             CHEF BOY-R-JOE!

     As reported in one of my Facebook
posts from Wildwood Crest my
grandson and I did some fishing Monday.
     Our dinner that evening featured
Tuna steaks, among other things!
     No, we didn't catch it. In fact we
didn't catch anything! And left to our
own devices dinner would have been at
the nearest Soup Kitchen.
     But we had Joe! Joe Janosov!
     Joe and his wife Cindy are spending
a couple days with us on this vacation.
And Joe love to cook!
      We returned from our fishing
expedition to find him standing over
a grill filled with ribs, chicken, hot
dogs, and potatoes! The Tuna went on
last, Probably when he discovered that
we came back empty handed.
        We've dinned with Joe before.
Usually at his home. If my observations
are correct I believe he determines the
number of expected guests,then prepares
food for triple that number in case anybody
else shows up. If you wanted a Doggie
bag after filling up on one of his
delicious meals it would have to be in
the form of a small crate!
        The guy has a great job. But he
probably should be running a restaurant!
         In any case we ate well. Very well!
         Hope there's left over Tuna and
that all your NEWS is good!

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