Monday, July 24, 2017


   TUESDAY, JULY 25TH., 2017
          THE BRASS RING!

    Saddle up everybody! It's National
Merry-Go-Round, or Carousel Day!
    The Merry-Go-Round has been
going round for a lot of years! July 25
was chosen as  National Merry-Go-
Round Day, an “unofficial” national
holiday, as it coincides with the first
United States patent that was issued for
the modern carousel. 
    That patent was awarded to William
Schneider of Davenport Iowa on July 25,
1871. I didn't cover the event. But I'm
sure glad he got the patent!
     The Carousel, along with the train,
are about the only amusement rides I
can still handle these days.
      Knoebel's has two. Both built in
1912. The year the Titanic went down!
Today's "thrill rides" remind me of
the titanic! My stomach goes down
just watching the grandkids ride those
       There are several in the Binghamton
area that are open to the public all
summer.....Free of charge. That price
make it worth the trip!
       You can still catch the Brass Ring
on the Grand Carousel at Knoebel's. My
niece Betty would have a better chance
on a Merry-Go-Round in Europe. She's
left handed!
       Most European Carousels turn
clockwise while most U.S. models
go counter clockwise. Of course most
riders don't give any thought to which
way they're spinning. You can get
dizzy either way!
      Still there's nothing like mounting
a noble steed that knows where it's
going and won't throw you!
       Hope you'll grab that ring and
that all your NEWS is good!

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