Thursday, July 27, 2017


   FRIDAY, JULY 28TH., 2017
        HOW SWEET IT IS!

  I can't understand what's happened to
my former colleagues in the news media!
  They are usually up to date on ever
important event....especially those that
are scheduled ahead of time.
   Yet I've listened to the radio, watched
two television newscasts, and gone on
line to check several newspapers
and  have seen absolutely no mention of
the fact that July 28th is "National Milk
Chocolate Day!"
    Talk about missing the 'biggie!'
    According to my web source it is a
day when everyone, Chocoholics or not,
are encouraged to consume  Milk
Chocolate either in candy, baked goods,
or both!
    As WILK's John Webster reminds us,
"If it's on the Internet it must be true."
    We are also admonished not to be
dyslexic about this special day. It's a
day for Milk Chocolate...not a Chocolate
Milk Day!
    I will make a special effort to have
my wife observe the day although she
admittedly favors Dark Chocolate.
    I'm sure I'll have no problem
getting the grand kids to join the effort!
   The 'researchers' who reveled the
existence of Milk Chocolate Day report
they were unable to trace the origin of
the 'holiday' or whatever you want to
call it.
   But I'll bet there's a paper trail on
this one that leads straight to Hershey
    Hope your day is sweet and that all
your NEWS is good!


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