Monday, July 17, 2017


      TUESDAY, JULY 18TH., 2017
         RAIN,RAIN, GO AWAY!

    My wife had two appointments
Monday. One at 12:30. The second
at 3:20.
     The sky looked a bit dark as we
went to the first. But the rain held
      As the time approached for the
second appointment that dark
turned to black and rumbles of
thunder seemed to be coming from
       My wife told me I was not to
follow my usual procedure of
opening her car door. As torrents
of water poured from the sky she
insisted it would be "every man
(or woman) for him or herself!
        I tossed on a small rain jacket
and a hat I keep that doesn't have
any special meaning to me and made
my dash for the vehicle.
         It's amazing how wet one can
get in 20 to 30 seconds! Without
diving into a pool or the ocean that
         I was able to pull close to the
door for that second appointment so
she could get inside quickly. I waited
in the car while the rain started, then
stopped, then started again.
         At least we were safely back at
home when the hail began to pelt our
car and the porch roof.
          Plenty of lighting and thunder
too. Enough, I think, for a week or so
          Hope it's over for awhile and
that all your NEWS is good!

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