Tuesday, July 4, 2017


               TAKE A HIKE!

     The cardiac rehabilitation folks have
been encouraging my wife to walk as she
recovers from her open heart surgery.
      A level area would be ideal but,
unfortunately, even the streets around
our house are on inclines. Still, she's
been getting in two strolls a day that
add up to a mile.
      On Tuesday, we celebrated the
holiday with a short drive to nearby
White Haven where we decided to
hike a bit on a section of the Lehigh
Gorge Park Trail.
       It was nearly as busy at the
Interstate highway!
       It's amazing how quietly a
bicycle can come up behind you
without being heard! That happened
a lot so be began to walk single file
so, if there was a collision, they'd
only get me.
       Fortunately all the riders were
able to get around us without testing
the theory! We were just a bit concerned
about one little kid who seemed to need
the whole trail. But even she rolled by
without incident.
       There was also an abundance of
people walking their dogs along the
old railroad bed. Most of the dogs
checked us out. But none seemed to
find us either dangerous or
        With all the distractions and a
mostly level path I'd say we did a little
over two miles!
        I'd consider it a major victory
except, perhaps, for the ice cream
stand we found just after leaving the
        Hope we still get credit for one
mile and that all your NEWS is

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