Thursday, July 20, 2017


   FRIDAY, JULY 21ST., 2017

   I know people don't use the mail as
much as they used to.
   Emails and on line options are now
more common than letters and
postcard greetings.
    Still, our mail box is filled with
correspondence nearly every day.
And most of the envelopes have
one thing in common. They are
     We're used to them and we
realize it's our responsibility to
"pay the piper" for the services
we receive.
      You know. Things like
fuel oil for our furnace, Since
we're on a so called "Budget plan"
the home heating bills keep coming
even though it's 90 degrees outside.
      There's the telephone bill. Yes,
we still have a "land line" telephone
in our home.
       And the Electric Bill. People
keep telling us we can lower that
one by switching from one
provider to another. I'm waiting for
one to offer it for free. Then I'll
        In any case we pretty much
know how much we owe each of
our providers. So there's usually no
big surprises. Until Thursday!
         That's when we received the
Hospital Bill for my wife's open
heart surgery!
          At approximately $475,000
it suddenly makes our Cable bill
look pretty reasonable!
          Fortunately, until the government
completely goofs up Health Insurance,
we're covered. I'm so glad. I'd hate to
have to send her back to work!
          Hope your bills are low and
your NEWS is good!

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