Wednesday, July 5, 2017


      THURSDAY, JULY 6TH., 2017

    I joined my wife for a short
"constitutional" along the Susquehanna
in West Pittston Wednesday. I used to
walk there nearly every day till life got
in the way.
    Our path took us past the old railroad
bridge that once carried freight trains
across the river and into the Coxton Rail
     It doesn't anymore. It's not a case of
being a bridge too far. It's a bridge too
    As I glanced across I could see a tank
car on the other side. It looked like it was
on the track approaching the trestle rather
than actually on the bridge itself.
     My imagination carried me back to
a time when trains roared over that span,
much to the delight of any neighborhood
kids who might have been watching.
      I'm not sure how long it's been since
the bridge was used. At least by trains.
      I admit to having walked out along
the tracks a few years back then climbing
on to one of the concrete piers where I
cast my surf rod fishing line into the
water below. I can only remember
catching one fish which, I believe, died
from fright as I reeled it up the approximately
two or three stories from the river to the
top of the pier.
       And even though the rails were rusty
and no train had passed for years I will
also admit to having an uneasy feeling as
I walked along the tracks towards my
fishing perch, wondering if that might be
the day the express came back!  
       The other day I learned that the State
has come up with money to demolish the
old bridge. I can understand why many
folks would just like to see it gone.
        The trains don't run there anymore
and I haven't fished from it for many years.
Still, in some strange way, I think I'll miss
seeing it. Guess it's just seeing something
that old vanish from the scene.
          Have a great day friends! Hope all
your NEWS is good!


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