Wednesday, July 26, 2017


     THURSDAY, JULY 27TH., 2017!
          LOOK! UP IN THE SKY!

   The neighbors were probably wondering
why my wife and I were standing out in
front of the house with our heads tilted
back so far we looked like tourists on their
first visit to New York City!
    We were searching the sky. And we
weren't looking at a bird, a plane, or even
     We were looking for the International
Space Station! And we found it!
      For six whole minutes we watched
as the star-like object sailed across the
sky. I checked the facts. It was traveling
at 17,500 miles per hour!
      And you thought those NASCAR
guys were fast!
       There are three people aboard the
space station right now, Fyodor
Yurchikhin, the Commander, Jack
Fisher, and Peggy Whitson. (See,
we are working with the Russians!)
         We waved but there was no
sign of them waving back! Then I
realized it was dark down here.
          I should have brought my
flashlight outside with me so they'd
know just where we were standing.
         Anyhow it's kind of neat to
know there are folks circling the
globe high above our daily issues
and controversies, working together
on projects that may make life a
little better for everyone!
          Maybe it is "Superman (men)
after all! Hope all your NEWS is


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