Tuesday, July 11, 2017


    WEDNESDAY, JULY 12TH., 2017

     I met my buddy in the parking lot of
a local Walmart.
     The exchange was quick! I gave him
the money and he gave me my package.
A brown box carried in two plastic bags.
      I wondered what people who saw us
must have been thinking? And what they
might think if they knew that brown box
carried merchandise from Cuba?
       Perhaps Cuban cigars? Or something
restricted by the existing regulations?
       Oh wait a minute! We're all thinking
about Cuba the country. This package
came from Cuba, New York! The
        And while there were no prized
cigars inside my package did contain a
treasure! A two pound block of Extra
Share New York Cheese!
        My buddy's Mom, who just
celebrated her 99th Birthday, lives in
Cuba so I asked him to bring me a
supply of the cheese when he
returned from her party.
         He brought me some after his
last visit and, in our house, it lasted
exactly one week!
         Hope he visits his mom a lot
and that all your NEWS is good!

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