Saturday, July 22, 2017


    SATURDAY, JULY 22ND., 2017

   We haven't been getting around quite
as much as usual over the past eight weeks.
    So last night my wife and I loaded the
car with two of our grandkids and headed
out "to the old ballgame."
     The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Rail Riders
are leading the International League even
though a lot of their players have been
called up to the New York Yankees.
      It was a great night for a ball game.
In addition to some great plays there were
French fries, ice cream, and soda to be
enjoyed while we watched the players and
a whole lot of little princesses who turned
out for Princess and Pirates Night at the
      I brought my trusty glove along to
catch any foul balls that came our way.
But all the batters, probably realizing I
was there, managed to steer clear of
our seats.
      I didn't spot any peanuts or Cracker
Jacks but there was no shortage of foods
to please most everyone in the crowd.
     Best of all we finally got to see
fireworks! Oh we've heard plenty since
the 4th of this month. But since Pocono
Downs dropped its display in favor of
funding the one in Wilkes-Barre there
has been nothing visible from our house.
     They have them every week at the
ball park so we may be going back
because they're a real "blast" there!
      By the way we did root, root, root
for the home team and it won!
      Hope those guys keep winning
and that all your NEWS is good!

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