Tuesday, July 18, 2017


     WEDNESDAY, JULY 19TH., 2017

    Tuesday marked 8 weeks since my wife's
open heart surgery. Although her recovery
continues the formal "structured recovery
period" is now over.
      Certain restrictions that had been in
effect have now been lifted. She can ride
in the front seat again. In fact, she can drive
if she wants.
       And although she should not be bench
pressing 200 pounds, the 10 pound lifting
restriction has also been....well....lifted!
        The initial weeks were made a little
easier by our family and friends. Folks at
our church, for instance, provided meals
that I could actually heat in the microwave
and serve to my wife.
         We got a lot of great dinners, especially
after I threatened to serve a steady diet of
Spam! The one can I actually had on hand
just sat on a cupboard shelf.
         As the days went by my wife seemed
to get stronger and stronger. Quarter mile
walks around the neighborhood grew into
two mile strolls on the local levee system!
          As I said, complete recovery will
be an on going process. But that 8 week
milestone has now been reached.
          So we celebrated at dinner.
          My wife had some left over
General Tso's Chicken!
           Me? I finally had the Spam!
           Hope all you NEWS is good!

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