Saturday, July 29, 2017

    SUNDAY, JULY 30TH., 2017

   It wasn't 'the answer' that was
blowing in the wind! It was me!
   I thought Chicago was the
"Windy City."
   Wildwood Crest might have
something to say about that after
one very blustery Saturday!
   Things were calm enough when
we turned over our house to
Carl for the week. (Thank you
Carl and Cassie)
    We made record time coming
down and I'm now thinking it's
because we had a tail wind!
    When we arrived at our
vacation house I noted the flag
at the church across the street
was stretched out straight in the
    That same breeze practically
blew me across the street as I
walked to take a look at the beach.
    A Lifeguard was on duty but I
didn't see anyone in the surf. And
there was a lot of surf to see!
    One poor soul walking along
the beach looked like he was
dressed for the wind but wasn't
making much progress as he walked
into it!
     Great day for a kite but I
was just a little tired from the
drive so I opted for a nap.
     Hope it's sunny and calm
all day Sunday  and that all your
NEWS is good! 


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