Saturday, July 15, 2017


  SUNDAY, JULY 16TH., 2017

    Nothing terrifying here gang!
Just a notice that this is "National'
Ice Cream Day! And that makes
today almost like Christmas!
     You are, of course, expected to
celebrate by seeking out an ice cream
stand and consuming some of the
tasty treat! The trick is to find the
best ice cream.
     Now in that respect I'm a
little like Will Rogers. I never met an
ice cream I didn't like.
         Oh there have been a couple of
flavors I never completely understood.
To me, for instance, Cotton Candy
belongs on a cardboard holder at the
circus. Not as an ingredient in an ice
cream cone!
         We've found plenty of great
Ice Cream Stands. Of course our
search didn't begin this year. We've
been looking for many years.
         "Incredible Edibles" in
Nescopeck is probably my
personal favorite. I haven't found
any other place that offers as much
high quality ice cream for such
reasonable prices! It's also a pleasant
top down drive on a hot summer day.
          But right here at home, Plains
Township, there's no question I
enjoy our stops at "Curley Cream."
Of course part of my enthusiasm
stems from tradition. I don't know
how it got started. But at this stop
my wife used to stand in line and bring
the ice cream to me! And often
that line is long!
          Lately though I've given in and
ordered for the both of us which can
get confusing, at least for me, when
she wants something that isn't
exactly on their main menu.
          Hope you'll enjoy a
cone or two from your favorite
stand and that all your NEWS
is good!



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