Saturday, July 1, 2017


      SUNDAY, JULY 2ND., 2017

    I saw a couple of news reports last
week about local communities that have
decided to do away with their annual
Independence Day Fireworks displays.
     One cited the expense involved in
holding an event. Another expressed
a concern over the possibility of
starting fires.
      I'd like to suggest that supporters
of those annual fireworks shows pay
a visit to our mobile home development.
      Although they are obviously not
very good with a calendar we do have
at least one, if not two, neighbors who
seem to have all the money needed to
equip themselves with all kinds of
explosives and apparently have no
concern about aerial displays that
ultimately send sparks on or near
roofs around here.
       Perhaps you could bring them
back to your community where they
could take over your local display!
       You'll have to come quickly.
I'm not sure how their arsenal will
hold up for the actual 4th of July.
But for now they seem to have plenty.
         I've jumped off of the couch
several times already and made one
trip outside to make sure our garden
hose is ready...just in case!
          Hope you can attract them
somewhere else for awhile and that
all your NEWS is good!

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