Wednesday, July 26, 2017


    WEDNESDAY, JULY 26TH., 2017
                 EASY CHAIRS?

    My wife and I took in a movie Tuesday.
It's been over two months since we've been
able to get out to see a flick. And boy have
things changed!
     While we were away the folks at Cinemark
remodeled their auditoriums and installed
easy chairs (recliners) in new rows wide
enough to allow people to walk by you and to
their seats even while you're seat is fully
       Of course these new luxury leather seats
come with a price. A higher one at the box
office to start. And longer ticket lines as
customers are asked to pick their seats
before they enter the auditorium.
        That decision is not working out well
with everyone!
         While we waited to buy our tickets
a family of six walked out after realizing
they could not get seats together.
          I witnessed a similar sight when I
stopped by to get a gift certificate a couple
weeks ago. A woman, just looking for a
single ticket, became frustrated when
she was asked to pick her seat from a
seating chart. She quickly gave up and
left in a huff!
           The seats are certainly comfortable.
They make you feel like you're lounging at
home. Which, apparently, has some
potential customers wondering if it would
be just as easy, and cheaper, to stay at home!
             I enjoyed the setting, although I
could have done without the XD theater
with its additional expense to be shaken
by the blasting speaker system.
            And I have to wonder what those
leather recliners will look like after a year
of wear and kids playing with the "up" and
"down buttons."
            I suppose you're a little less likely
to fund gum under the seats!
            Hope you get the seat you're looking
for and that all your NEWS is good.

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