Friday, July 28, 2017


     SATURDAY, JULY 29TH., 2017
                SHORT SUBJECT!

    I was trapped. Trapped by my own
    I've always told my wife if she wants
to do something she must "Tell." Tell
me that is. Well the other day she did.
    She told me she wanted me to drive
to Boscov's so we could buy some new
shorts. For me!
     I should have seen it coming! We're
about to head out on vacation and everybody
wears shorts at the beach.
     I argued I already had shorts. My wife
countered by pointing out the hole near a
pocket in my favorite pair.
     Heck! I've seen teens wearing torn jeans
that they bought that way! I'm just trying to
keep up with the kids!
     It didn't work! I found myself in Boscov's
standing near several racks of shorts while
my wife pointed out various colors that
might go good with some of the shirts I
      Then, of course, I had to try them on.
I hate trying on clothes!
      The first pair fit just fine but my wife
suggested I try on a similar pair one size
larger. I did and they were too loose. Dah!
There's nothing fast about trying on shorts!
       Thank goodness there were only five
pair to check and one of those, in the
larger size was ruled out after the
experiment with the other larger ones.
        Anyhow I've got three new pair to
take on vacation so everybody is happy.
         Hope my wife fixes the rip in my
old pair when we get home and that all
your NEWS is good!

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