Sunday, July 23, 2017


       KNOCK, KNOCK!

   A funny thing happened on the
way to today's Blog!
   I found out July 24th., is "National
Tell An Old Joke Day."
   Please note there is a difference
between this date and "Tell A Joke
Day" which is always observed in
    Today is a day for having people
remember exactly why the chicken
crossed the road or who was left in
the boat when Pete and Re-pete
went sailing and Pete fell out!
     The whole idea of course is to
keep old jokes from fading away.
If they were funny once they'll
still produce a laugh, especially
among those who may be hearing
them for the first time!
      I'm serious about this. It's not
like Velcro...that's just a rip off!
       So get out there and "knock,
knock" them dead with the best
of the jokes you can remember.
       Hope you get a laugh and
that all your NEWS is good!


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