Wednesday, July 19, 2017


    THURSDAY, JULY 20TH., 2017
           WHERE'S THE BEEF?

   Now to be perfectly honest with you
I knew exactly where the beef was.
    It was the likes of bagels, English
muffins, juice, soda, and popcorn that
had me a bit confused.
    We've been shopping at our local
Walmart for many years, In fact we
were customers at the much smaller
store the corporation originally
operated about a mile south of its
current location.
      We liked the smaller store. But
we knew our favorite workers would
be moving along with the store so we
followed them.
       After a year or so we began to
appreciate the larger store since it
included a nice grocery section that
seemed to meet all of our weekly
        Then. a couple weeks ago, I
set out to find an appliance bulb for
our stove. (Editor's note: You should
consider buying stock in an appliance
bulb manufacturing company since
these fixtures are apparently designed
to burn out as quickly as possible,
requiring users to purchase replacements
with great frequency!)
       The Light Bulb section was not
where I last left it! And when I did
stumble across that department there
were no appliance bulbs to be found.
       On my next visit I found the
bagels and muffins had found new
shelves, as did the popcorn, juice,
and soda.
        For some reason I still can't
comprehend the inventory is being
shifted from aisles familiar to me
to other locations.
        I'm thinking about bringing
my GPS inside on my next
shopping trip! At least they haven't
moved the beef. Yet.
          Hope they don't move the exits
and that all your NEWS is good.


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