Thursday, July 13, 2017


   FRIDAY, JULY 14TH., 2017
          A PLUG NICKEL!

   Although I can't remember ever having
seen one I do remember hearing the phrase
"It isn't worth a plug nickel."
     I looked it up.
     Some early coins were made with a
small silver piece added to the center to
increase the value to equal its face amount.
      But sometimes, when people got
change, they found that center disc, or
;plug'  had been removed! So, in the case of
a nickel, it wasn't really worth 5 cents.
      I discovered another definition for a
Plug Nickel yesterday!
      I took my grandson to the mall to
ride on a couple of those small amusement
devices designed to capture kid's attention
and grandparent's quarters.
      There's not a whole lot to choose from.
It's not a Knoebels! Still, my grandson
enjoys the 90 seconds or so he gets aboard
a rocking train with a figure of Barney
sitting along side.
       There's a merry-go-round-like horse
the kids can mount too.
        But at least three of the attractions
were inoperable! In each case someone
had plugged the quarter slot with nickels
which could not be removed by hand!
        Plug Nickels if you will!
        It worked out OK for us as both
Barney and the horse ate up the
quarters and my grandson was happy.
        Oh, by the way, the change
machine was working perfectly.
        Hope the nickels come out and
that all your NEWS is good!


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