Sunday, July 2, 2017


     MONDAY, JULY 3RD., 2017
          WAIT YOUR TURN!

     I have to admit to having some
road rage the other day even though
I wasn't technically on the road.
     We've all had the experience.
We've been in line waiting for our
turn at something only to see
someone find a way to get ahead
of us, And it's frustrating!
      I was waiting at a popular
ice cream stand the other day
with just one woman in front of
me. As she waited for her order
the customer at another window,
to my left, got her ice cream and
left. But before I could step over
and take her place someone who
had been standing behind me moved
over to that line becoming
the next customer!
     But back to my "road rage."
I was heading for my local
bank's Drive through service
windows but found customers
parked in each of the lanes.
     Having no idea who was there
first I pulled into what I'd call a
"straddling position" so I could
pull into the next available spot.
      Apparently unhappy with my
decision a woman who pulled into
the area about 5 minutes after me
waited for all of about 46 seconds
till she negotiated her vehicle
ahead of me and into the left
drive through lane. Wouldn't
you know it? The guy in that
land got done first and pulled
out making my impatient driver
the next customer.
        I'm sure she glanced over
at me as I finally pulled into the
other lane and if looks could kill
she'd be mortally wounded!
       It isn't as if I needed fast
service that badly. It's the
principal of the thing.
        Like they used to say at
the school water fountain...wait
your turn!
        If you're not one of the
two people I wrote about I hope
all your NEWS is good!


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