Sunday, July 30, 2017


   MONDAY, JULY 31ST., 2017

  Although there was a slight breeze in the
air the sun was out and the temperature was
rising as our gang made plans for the day in
Wildwood Crest Sunday,
    Sine the condo where we're staying features
a beautiful swimming pool that seemed to
highlight the morning agenda for most folks.
(Editor's not: the term "morning" varies a
lot in most people's minds when they're on
vacation.) It was probably around 11 when
some of the family made it into the pool.
     I decided to take some photos and it was
clear everyone was enjoying themselves. I
decided to put down the camera and join in.
     That put it closer to 11:30 for me. It takes
at least 10 minutes to put on enough sun tan
lotion to keep me safe for about an hour!
      Anyhow, bathing suit on and lotion
applied I ventured into the pool myself.
       Maybe in was just the warm air. Or
perhaps someone had spilled ice cubes into
the pool and failed to mention it! Whatever
the case my mind immediately remembered
how most of those victims on Titanic died
from hypothermia within minutes of their
immersion into the sea!
         Long ago I discovered the best way
to deal with this situation was to dive in and
get used to the water as quickly as possible.
         On Sunday I discovered that it takes
a lot longer to "get used to it" now than it
use to!!!!
         But I eventually did and had a great
time. Still...........hope the water gets warmer
and that all your NEWS is good!


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