Friday, June 30, 2017


    SATURDAY, JULY 1ST., 2017
               CATCHING UP!

      I just don't get it!
      I can catch a cold. I can catch a
plane or a bus or a taxi. I have, on
several occasions, even caught a
       So why is it I cannot catch a
22-month-old boy on a bicycle
that doesn't even have pedals?
       I refer to my grandson
Anthony who is now riding a so-
called Strider bike. He pushes
himself along with his feet, until
he gets to a hill!
        Then he takes off! This kid
rolls downhill, both feet up
slightly off the ground with
balance that would probably
amaze the Wallendas!
         If you don't stay in front
he's likely to gain more speed
than you (certainly me) can make
        Yesterday as my stamina
quickly drained as I ran along
side of him near our house I
realized he'd pull away within
the next few feet! Fortunately
he listened to my plea to put
both feet down! I was lucky
to have enough energy to walk
back to the front porch. He rode
back, his tiny legs still ahead of
my long stride!
          I'm just so thankful he
doesn't have pedals!
         Hope my old motorcycle
still works so I can try catching up
and that all your NEWS is good!

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